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Highest quality whipped cream dispensers and chargers. Made of 100% Certified pure Nitrous Oxide N20 from the top manufacturers. .

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We offer online shopping with various online sales. After purchasing online, your N2O chargers and whipped cream dispensers will be delivered to your door.
We offer a range of shipping, postage and delivery options, to get your nitrous oxide chargers delivered as fast as possible without wasting your time.


We have low prices and free shipping (minimum order quantity applies) so that you will always get a great deal.

We supply quality Charger brands in the Australian market from the industry leaders, like Bestwhip, Supremewhip, SSES, MOSA (filled with pure Linde N2O gas) & ezywhip pro cream chargers N2O gas. Our nitrous oxide cylinders are manufactured in China, Taiwan & Europe with quality materials to the highest standards so there will be no duds or leakage guaranteed. Bulbs are either painted or zinc coated to prevent rust. We also stock the innovative flavored chargers (flavored edible essences have been added).

Compared to mechanical whipping cream, you get far greater volume when using our best value N2O chargers and whipped cream dispensers / cream canisters. One of the whipped cream bulbs will turn 0.5 litre of whipping cream into a far greater volume than mechanical whipping, with 0.5 litre of cream making up to 1.5 litre of whipped cream. A must have for your home or commercial kitchen or catering business! Perfect to whip up some cream and put on top of your frappe coffee! N2O is also great for infusing flavors into alcohol and making drinks like cocktails!

N2O chargers have many applications. The primary application has been to whip cream. Whipped cream is great on sweets and deserts such as cakes, pastries, pancakes etc.. and drinks such as coffee frappes, hot chocolate, milkshakes and cocktails. However, N2O chargers can be used as a foaming agent with a range of food and beverage products including various sauces and mousses. Furthermore, N2O chargers can be used as a flavor infusion agent for alcohol. Infusing flavors from other food products into alcohol can take weeks and even months before the flavor has infused out of the food and into the alcohol. However, if N2O is added it can speed up the flavor infusion process to just minutes. This is great if you are making flavor infused alcoholic drinks such as various cocktails. 



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